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Who We Are

Rod Richeson owner Blue Sky Aviation llc

Rod has been involved in aircraft maintenance for 13 years, maintaining mostly 100 series Cessna's, with a few other models scattered in for good measure.  Rod completed a part 147 Aviation Maintenance School in lieu of using experience to test for his Airframe and Powerplant licenses.  While in school Rod was successful in attaining multiple field approvals for his personal aircraft.  Many of his projects in school were upgrades to his airplane; IFR GPS install, fuel totalizer, engine monitor, and other pieces in the panel.  After successful completion of his A&P license, Rod began working with a local restorer of aircraft to gain additional knowledge of tube and fabric work.  While working for this company he completed a full installation of the Dynon SkyView system in a E-AB aircraft.  Rod is a Commercially rated pilot in addition to his A&P licenses.  Rod added Inspector Authorization to his A&P license in 2021.

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