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ADS-B / Avionics
IFR/VFR Certification

BSA can install any avionics in your aircraft.  BSA has installed Dynon Skyview systems, TRIG NAV / COM's, Electronics International engine and fuel monitors, Garmin panels and GFC500 autopilots and other avionics systems.  BSA can troubleshoot your avionics issues and remove avionics no longer in service.



BSA's ADS-B installation offering is currently the uAvionix skyBeacon and tailBeacon, Garmin GDL-82, and the Trig TT31 transponder.  Other models can be added to our capabilities list with vendor support. 

BSA is a "Qualified Installer" for uAvionix, and Dynon Certified Installer

For IFR certification, BSA will first test the integrity of the system for leak-down standards.  If any issues are found at this point, they will need to be resolved before continuing.  If your aircraft passes this first step, the altimeter/s will be removed from your panel and tested on the bench according to Part 43 Appendix E.  After successful completion of appendix E testing, the altimeter will be replaced and the system tested for acceptable leak-down.

VFR Certification $249

( 14CFR91.413 Appendix F )

IFR Certification $349

( 14 CFR91.411 Appendix E )

Repair Station ID #851532D

Certification at your site available      - Contact for travel rates -


We offer a line up of quality aviation upgrades and maintenance.

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General GA Maintenance

BSA can cover any needs for your maintenance.  From a quick oil change to a complete overhaul, BSA can be your solution. 

  • Full panel design and fabrication

  • Airglas fork and large tires

  • E-I Engine monitoring equipment

  • Propeller balancing

  • Any maintenance task

  • Inspection services

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