UAT Trade-up

$1,000 to trade up your UAT (skyBeacon, tailBeacon, or Garmin GDL-82), plus another $300 for your GTX 327, or $200 for your Mode C transponder.



When paired with an aging transponder, a remote-mounted UAT product is a short-term solution. The more reliable, long-term solution is to replace your aging transponder with a new Stratus transponder that’s backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty. 


Get your new Stratus transponder installed and certified with us. Add on that IFR certification you've been thinking about. Finish it off with a BSA $100 in store rebate or...


Rebate or..

You can receive your rebate or use as credit towards having your aircraft detailed inside and out! We have partnered with our local detailer and can use the credit towards interior/exterior details as well as paint correction and ceramic coatings. Look sharp on radar and in the Air.